FACT: Penny Stocks give the HIGHEST percentage daily gains of all the stocks in the Market bar none.


Why are Penny Stocks so profitable?

Penny Stocks trade below $5; therefore, if you buy $1000 of a Penny Stock at $0.01 and sell it at $0.02, you have just doubled your investment.

Why are Penny Stocks a great way to increase capital?

Penny Stocks increase capital FAST; it only takes a few cents to make a 25% return or even double your money in a very short time. If you bought and sold during a good run up, you could make 25% to 100% or even more.

When was the last time you made $250 to $1000 or more per day in the Market? You can put back those earnings into your investment capital and further diversify your stock portfolio; reducing overall risk.

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